Bevvy of bikes aids safe riding

NPL School'Lions dontate bikes to the school'NBFP PA1318-10
NPL School'Lions dontate bikes to the school'NBFP PA1318-10

When the Bridlington Lions were asked to support a school cyling project, they thought that a donation of £500 would help to buy a couple of bikes.

But in the careful hands of the school, it bought six cycles - as well as the safety helmets to go with them.

Peter Jay, appeals chairman for the Bridlington Lions, said: “We were approached by New Pasture Lane School’s headteacher, who explained that the school was running a bike club to teach children to ride safely, which is of course a very good idea.

But some children either didn’t have bikes or lived too far away to bring them, so she asked if we might be able to do anything to help.

“We decided to donate £500 to the project, expecting that that would be enough to buy one or two bikes, and then left it to the school to make the purchase, as they are the ones who know best what they actually need.”

It turned out, however, that with some careful negotiation, the school managed to buy six bikes.

Headteacher Alison Tadman explained: “We run the classes as part of our Friday afternoon ‘golden time’.

Children choose a project to run for six weeks, and one option is the cycle classes, which are supported by the council’s Road Safety Team.

They learn how to ride bikes and how to mend them, and they learn all about road safety, too. But children who didn’t have a bike of their own, or who came to school on the bus, couldn’t take part.

“Now we have these bikes all our children will be able to join in, and I’d like to thank the Lions for being so generous.

“It will make a real difference, and we can be more inclusive. Knowing how to ride a bike is an important life skill, and now all our pupils can have the opportunity to learn how to ride, and how to ride safely.”