East Riding votes to LEAVE EU

East Yorkshire voted to leave the EU
East Yorkshire voted to leave the EU

Voters in the East Riding of Yorkshire have chosen to leave the European Union.

As the value of the pound tumbled to its lowest since 1985, Brexit backers cheered as the figures were revealed in Beverley tonight.

Vote Leave backers rejoice at the Beverley count

Vote Leave backers rejoice at the Beverley count

The votes were counted as 60.4 per cent (120,136) choosing to leave the EU, and 39.6 per cent (78,779) voting to remain.

The total number of votes stood at 199,039 - and a 74.8 per cent turnout.

Earlier in the night, David Robson, the main UKIP agent for the East Riding of Yorkshire, said he was certain the county would vote in favour of a Brexit.

He said: “Cameron's message has fallen on deaf ears.

“As soon as he got into fantasy land - about a third world war and house prices - people switched off.

"You haven't seen any 'Remain' boards around here.

“We have saturated this area with thousands upon thousands of leaflets. We have taken one and-a-half tonne deliveries of the Vote Leave boards and were running out."

The Member of Paliament for East Yorkshire, Sir Greg Knight, had previously come out in support of a Brexit, but was a no-show at the Beverley count.

George McManus, of Labour, had argued the North of England - not least the East Riding - depended on the EU for its future viability.

He said: "I think the big issues are jobs, trade and investment. The key thing is about the long-term investment.

"Everything we sell to the EU goes up, and everything we import could potentially go up [if Britain leaves the EU]."