Duo are sentenced for firework attack

Lee Jones, 35, and Darrin Edwards, 44, were given four-month suspended prison sentences
Lee Jones, 35, and Darrin Edwards, 44, were given four-month suspended prison sentences
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TWO men have been given four-month suspended prison sentences for a firework attack on a Bridlington family at night intending to scare them out of bed.

Lee Jones, 35, and Darrin Edwards, 44, set off crow bangers and shouted abuse at Anthony and Rachel Deighton Burstall Walk, Bridlington, at 4am.

One of the bangers exploded in the letter box causing smoke to drift into the house, another banger failed to go off inside the letter box – but terrified the Deightons.

The pair had denied offences of damaging the family car and assaulting Mrs Deighton, but pleaded guilty to a charge of affray outside their home at 4am on June 21.

Crown barrister Nicholas Neil told a sentencing hearing at Hull Crown Court last Friday, March 2 Jones and Edwards were streaming drunk.

“They equipped themselves with a three-foot long rope with crow bangers tied to it at various intervals – the type used by farmers,” said Mr Neil.

“The Deightons were woken by a bang and looked out the window and recognised Edwards and Jones. They were shouting abuse.

“Mrs Deighton went and called 999. She saw a lighted object near her letter box.

“She saw smoke coming through. The area around the letter box had been sealed off by the police following an earlier incident.”

He said when the police arrived they saw two fireworks in the letter box. One had gone off, but the other had not.

Both men had cigarette lighters and one had a crow banger in his pocket. Jones said he had a crow banger and had found it in his house, but denied responsibility for the attack.

Edwards admitted they went looking for the Deighton family car to put a banger up the exhaust, but could not find it.

The court heard Jones had fallen out with the Deightons despite once allowing Mr Deighton to stay with him when he had fallen out with his wife.

Mr Neil said Mrs Deighton’s victim impact statement said: “I am very nervous when in the house in case something is thrown at the windows.”

Lee Jones, 35, and Darrin Edwards, 44, both of Prickett Road, Bridlington, had previous convictions – Jones has been jailed twice and Edwards jailed once for burglary.

Judge Mettyear told both defence barristers they need not mitigate. He said: “This was disgraceful conduct which you should both be ashamed of. It seems the intention was to disturb and frighten.

“If this had been a plan to hurt someone then you would be going away for some time. It deserves a custodial sentence, but one I can suspend.”

He gave both men four-month suspended sentences, and ordered a tagging curfew from 9am to 6am and 12-months supervision.