Drugs found in country lane

Bolam Lane Bempton'Richard Burton,Neville Nicholson,Chris Hanson'pictured with some of the fly tipping on the lane'PA1109-27a
Bolam Lane Bempton'Richard Burton,Neville Nicholson,Chris Hanson'pictured with some of the fly tipping on the lane'PA1109-27a

CANNABIS plants were found at the side of the road by staggered councillors checking a report of illegal fly-tipping.

More than a dozen of the drug plants were dumped in Bolam Lane, Bempton, some time last week.

They have been seized by police who are keen to know where they came from.

Sgt Steve Dove of Bridlington police, said the dumping was the remains of a cannabis crop, possibly from a cannabis factory.

He said: “All that was left were the stalks, they had removed what they wanted. It was removed by police for disposal.

“Anyone who knows how it came to be in the lane, knows who may be responsible, or saw anyone using a vehicle to dump it should contact Bridlington police on 0845 6060222.”

For local East Riding councillor Richard Burton and Bempton Parish Council colleagues Neville Nicholson, chairman, and Chris Hanson, vice-chairman, the haul was a bit of a shock.

Coun Burton, who contacted the police, said: “Neville thought they could be tomato plants, but they didn’t look like that to me.

“I am no expert but I was a special constable and thought they were almost certainly cannabis plants.”

But the latest fly-tipping incident is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the councillors are concerned – not only in Bempton but elsewhere in the Bridlington area.

Recent dumpings have included settees, fridges, general household rubbish and – bizarrely – around a dozen hospital crutches.

That does not include several tons of builders’ rubbish, old car tyres and plumbing items, including a bath.

One of the worst roads targeted by fly-tippers is Woldgate in Bridlington.

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Lane and Grindale Lane are all being used as a dumping ground.

The councillors say they are fed up with people ruining their area.

East Riding Council does clear away fly-tipped rubbish but, Coun Burton said: “The difficulty is that it is an ongoing problem. Almost as soon as one lot is cleared, more is dumped.”

Chris Hanson, vice-chairman of Bempton Parish Council, said he was disappointed by a letter in the Free Press claiming local councillors had “done nothing” about rubbish in Bempton Lane.

He said: “We are very aware of the situation. It is on the agenda at almost all our meetings, and it has been reported to East Riding Council.

“I wouldn’t say the problem is getting worse, but it certainly isn’t getting any better.”

Nick Colangelo, 34, of Fortyfoot, Bridlington, contacted Coun Burton about a fly-tipping problem in the lay-by off the A165 in Scarborough Road, where he runs a mobile snack bar.

He said: “The latest incident involved a sofa, old carpets, lino, just as though someone had been redecorating and got new furniture, and even around a dozen hospital crutches.

“I don’t know where they came from. It usually just arrives overnight.

“I think it is just people being lazy, why don’t they take it to the tip.”

In Woldgate, East Riding of Yorkshire Council is struggling to remove around 20 tons of builders’ rubble and waste on the roadside in front of the former council tip next to the Woldgate travellers’ site.

Nearby someone has dumped a dozen or so old car tyres and across the road a pile of garden waste.

The tip itself has also been filled with what one observer estimated was up to 200 tons of rubble.

Work to remove it started last weekend, but a second overnight dumping meant it was back to square one.

All a council spokesperson would say on the matter was that the illegally dumped material was rubble and builders’ waste.

The spokesman said: “We are in contact with the council’s enforcement team to follow lines of inquiry and would ask residents, having building work done, to ensure their builders have a licence to dispose of the waste.”

According to the counci, dealing with illegal dumpings costs the taxpayer thousands of pounds every year.

Those involved in fly-tipping can face serious consequences, as can those who fail to use an authorised person to get rid of waste for them.

The maximum penalty is a £50,000 fine and up to five years in prison,

Last July a Bridlington man who admitted failing to use an authorised person to get rid of his waste had to pay more than £1,000 in fines and prosecution costs after it was found illegally dumped in Boynton Lane, Grindale.

The total paid out in fines and prosecutions by the Environment Agency for illegal dumping in the East Riding has doubled from £1.5 million a year in 2004 to more than £3 million last year.

People can report fly tipping on 01482 393939 and are encouraged to provide any evidence who was responsible.

The council said bulky items can be taken to waste and recycling sites for disposal free of charge.

There is also a bulky item collection service which has a charge of £26 for up to five items.


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