Drowning in harbour: valiant rescue effort by lifeboat

Bridlington lifeboat crew
Bridlington lifeboat crew

More details have emerged of the rescue attempts to save a man who drowned in Bridlington harbour on Christmas Day.

Bridlington inshore lifeboat launched after a man had been reported in the sea near the town’s north pier.

Bridlington lifeboat crew

Bridlington lifeboat crew

After a 999 call had been received by the Humber Coastguard the lifeboat was paged and launched at 8.20pm on Christmas Day night.

Bridlington inshore lifeboat the “Windsor Spirit” launched into very poor conditions with a crew of four Lifeboat volunteers with Adrian Trower at the helm. The lifeboat made the best speed it could in the sea conditions and once round by the north pier the crew tried to spot the casualty.

Coastguards were on scene and also trying to see the casualty but this was no easy task due to the heavy breaking seas. Eventually the casualty was spotted by a Coastguard and the lifeboat was directed to him. Helmsman Trower with great skill managed to get the boat near to the man and his crew managed to get him on board.

Immediately crewmen Ashley Traves and Pete Jones started to try and resuscitate the man and once ashore coastguards and paramedics took over from the now almost exhausted lifeboat crew as he was transferred to a waiting ambulance.

A spokesman for RNLI Bridlington said “The crew acted with great skill, seamanship and courage in what were very poor conditions. The boat was in an area with very little room to manoeuvre due to the sea walls and breakwaters and on two occasions the boat touched the sea bed and was constantly filling with so much water that made it hard to steer and on one occasion almost capsized. Sadly we have heard the gentleman was pronounced dead at Scarborough hospital and our thoughts are with his family and friends."

Photos by Andy Brompton show inshore crew and Coxswain Stuart Tibbett having a debrief on return to the boathouse, and crew checking equipment used during the rescue.