Drivers urged to take extra care as weather warning remains in place

Picture by Mandy Harvey
Picture by Mandy Harvey

A yellow weather warning, issued by the Met Office, will remain in place until tomorrow morning.

Drivers are warned to take extra care as the weather conditions are set to remain "very challenging" until tomorrow at around 10am.

Heavy snowfall has hit the Yorkshire Coast causing multiple schools to close today as motorists battle the difficult conditions.

But the bad weather isn't expected to ease up soon.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said : "The council's Winter Service Team are working around the clock to deliver treatments for the safety of the travelling public. The current weather conditions have been, and will remain until late tomorrow morning, very challenging. The road surface temperatures are currently very low, being below zero for long periods of both the night and day.

"Snow, hail and rain are moving in rapid waves off the North Sea and across the East Riding, particularly affecting the Costal and Wolds areas. The council's Spreader vehicles have been out in force since yesterday afternoon, delivering multiple treatments for the precautionary network. This will continue tonight when continual operations are planned through until the early morning.

"Despite our concerted efforts, the weather conditions are such that treatments are being washed off in certain locations, and snow initially laying on top of the treated network is also likely to affect localised areas from time to time. East Riding of Yorkshire Council urge drivers to drive in accordance to the prevailing conditions at all times."