Dramatic rescue of kite surfer

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A KITE surfer from Driffield was the focus of a rescue operation when he got into difficulties off the coast at Fraisthorpe.

An air sea rescue helicopter, inshore lifeboat and coastguard search and rescue team were involved in the rescue just after noon last Wednesday.

A 26-year-old Driffield man got into trouble after falling into the sea about 200 meters off the short at Auburn Farm, Fraisthorpe.

The kite surfer became entangled in his kite and lines and was drifting without control.

He was new to the sport and friends on the beach alerted the Coastguard who asked Bridlington inshore lifeboat to go to help.

Its helmsman, Adrian Trower, had a difficult job getting near enough whilst avoiding the danger of getting the lifeboat propellers caught in the kite lines.

Supported by crewmen Grant Walkington and Matt Mason, he lent out of the boat to find the kite surfer’s lines had become tightly caught around his legs.

After cutting him free the surfer, who was not injured, was taken ashore where the Coastguard rescue team ensured he was alright.

In the meantime an RAF Sea King rescue helicopter which was in the area retrieved his kite board and brought that back to the beach.