Dramatic cliff side rescue of stranded sheep in Flamborough

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A sheep thought to have slipped down a Flamborough cliff face has been rescued and is making a good recovery thanks to an extensive RSPCA operation.

Specially trained officers from the RSPCA’s North of England rope and water rescue teams met local RSPCA inspectors Geoff Edmond and Claire Mitchell at Thornwick Bay yesterday lunchtime (Wednesday 3 April) and began what turned into a four hour operation to save the sheep.

RSPCA inspector Edmond said: “The sheep, a big Jacob ewe, had been stuck on a ledge some 40ft down the 100ft cliff face since Monday so we were keen to get to her.

“I’d been monitoring her all day on Tuesday and she was still on the ledge but by the time the team arrived she had managed to get down to a bit of beach which was cut off by water, an even more dangerous spot to be in.

“Two of our rope team officers abseiled down to her and it was hoped they’d catch her and we’d be able to winch her back up but things didn’t go quite to plan.”

The sheep was running around on the sand and ended up in the water in her attempts to avoid capture, swimming around to the next bay before being washed up, exhausted, on the beach.

The sheep is now said to be recovering well from the ordeal.

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