Dozens targeted in Brid phone scam

Police are advising residents to seek advice from Action Fraud
Police are advising residents to seek advice from Action Fraud

Dozens of residents have been targeted this morning by conmen posing as representatives of Bridlington Town Council.

A council spokesman said the authority had received a number of worrying phone calls from distressed residents who had been contacted by criminals

They said: “ the council has received a number of reports from residents today who have received telephone calls from a gentleman claiming to be from Bridlington Council investigating an accident that the resident has had.

“These calls are not genuine and we would urge people to terminate them immediate without giving any information.”

One potential victim beacame immediately suspicious after because the man on the other end was talking in a “Pakistani” and it sounded “like a call-centre”.

Janine Ward, of North Landing at Flamborough, said: “I’m ex-directory so I don’t know how they managed to get my number. Some gullible people might fall for this.

“He said he was from the Town Council, I though it sounded funny because he sounded Pakistani. I could hear other people in the background and it sounded like a call centre.”

Another intended target, Katie Smith, said she was asked to provide her bank details.

“He was telling me I had an accident in the last two years they was awarding me with £5000, wanted my bank account details to put the money in!”

Humberside Police are urging people not to give out any personal details over the phone and where possible, to write down details of the phone calls.

A spokesman said: “Councils would never ask for anyone to give out their personal details. Residents should contact the relevant authorities to determine whether they are genuine requests or not.”

For more information visit Action Fraud UK