Dorothy’s birthday milestone

Westbourne Lodge Cardigan Road'Dorothy Peel 109'PA1139-18
Westbourne Lodge Cardigan Road'Dorothy Peel 109'PA1139-18
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DOROTHY Peel has once again celebrated a milestone birthday, cracking open the sherry to toast her 109th birthday.

Dorothy’s incredibly long life, which takes in both World Wars and the invention of the aeroplane amongst many other things, must surely secure her entry into Bridington’s record books as the oldest woman in town.

Born in Alne, North Yorkshire on September 28 1902, with King Edward VII on the throne, Dorothy has lived through huge social and cultural changes in Britain over her incredible 109 years, but thanks to a drop of sherry and the occasional whiskey and ginger, she has taken it all in her stride.

Dorothy has lived at the Westbourne Lodge residential home in Cardigan Road for the last eight years, where she celebrated her birthday surrounded by friends.

She credits her longevity to a healthy diet and a regular dose of sherry.

“I think I’ve lived this long because of what I eat and what I drink – I have always been careful,” said Dorothy. “I can still walk around but I need to have my walker now.”

While Dorothy was again delighted to receive a birthday card from The Queen wishing her a happy 109th, it is becoming something of a regular occurence.

She said: “I do have a lot of cards from The Queen now, it’s nice to still get them but you do get used to it. But I do hope I can get my next one.”

At 109, Dorothy is still a few birthday’s away from the oldest living woman in Britain - Violet Wood of Whitstable, who celebrated her 112th at the beginning of September - but it is likely that Dorothy is the oldest woman in Bridlington at least.