Dope dealer in dock again

Nathan Cunningham, of Bridlington, appears for sentence at Hull Crown Court
Nathan Cunningham, of Bridlington, appears for sentence at Hull Crown Court

A street drug dealer caught with £1,000 worth of cannabis at his flat in Bridlington three weeks after release from prison has been jailed again for 12 months.

Police seized 800 grams of cannabis worth £8,000 and £170 in cash from Nathan Cunningham’s flat in High Street, Bridlington, on May 6. In an effort to stop his dealing six days later they returned to the same flat to see he had restocked with £610 worth of cannabis and a wad of £245 in cash - despite being on police bail.

He was jailed for 12 months in August, but released on January 21 on licence; only to be arrested again on February 12 after police went to Bridlington Queen’s Hotel to find him with cocaine

Cunningham, 25, now of Burstall Walk, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to one charge of possession with intent to supply cannabis and one charge of possession of cocaine when he appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court (Monday March 14).

Principal crown advocate Phillip Evans said the police received information on February 12 linking him to drug dealing and, when asked to stop in the hotel, he threw a package on the floor containing cocaine.

“That gave rise to a search of the defendant’s home,” said Mr Evans. “The police came across a large quantity of cannabis in the defendant’s bedroom, weighed at nine ounces and valued at £1,040.

“It is because of the sheer quantity that the defendant has pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply. The Crown’s case is he was dealing on a street-level basis. He paid £600 wholesale.”

Mr Evans said the police also seized £475 in cash.

He said Cunningham had 27 offences, most dealt with by the lower courts, for offences as varied as possession of amphetamines in 2013 to aggravated vehicle taking in October 2014. He has convictions for criminal damage, violence and threats.

Defence barrister Richard Thompson said: “He is expecting another custodial sentence.

“He got into debt with drugs and was given an ultimatum about how that debt would be paid off.

“It appears he was given cannabis to sell and was passing the money back to the person who has supplied him with drugs.

“You may form the view this is a low-level cannabis dealer working off a debt and is not profiting himself. Both of his parents were anxious to say he was not living with them in their evidence to the police.” Sentencing Judge Mark Bury told Cunningham: “It is not clear to me what you were doing, other than selling cannabis on the streets of Bridlington.

“You were buying cannabis and selling it to make a profit. You have not learned your lesson, one little bit, since your were caught last time.

“You were released in January and within three-weeks were doing exactly the same thing. I will sentence you on the basis you were a street dealer with a significant role.”

He jailed Cunningham for 12 months and ordered he should pay £475 costs.