Don’t get caught out by fake cash

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Town centre businesses are being warned to be on the look out for counterfeit cash.

It follows an earlier spate of fake bank notes used to buy goods at local shops , in particular counterfeit £20 notes.

A meeting of Brid Business Watch, organised by PCSO Ben Feirn, one of three PCSOs responsible for the town centre area, will focus on the problem as the 2013 tourist season gets underway.

A crime prevention officer demonstration will show how to spot counterfeit notes and coins, in particular £20 notes, and how to deal with them from a banking point of view.

Door stickers warning that all notes are checked will also be available.

The meeting is open to all Bridlington businesses but particularly those in the town centre area, The agenda also includes a presentation about the work of Brid Link - the radio link network operated by town centre shops to alert police and other traders of potential troublemakers, shop lifters or known thieves who may have visited their store.

Finally there will be details about the Bridlington South Ward crimefighting strategy which will include the introduction of more police patrols.

The Brid Business Watch meeting is between 11.30am and 12.30pm on Tuesday May 14 at unit 20 in The Promenade shopping centre (opposite the former Orange phone shop near the Promenade entrance).

A buffet is being provided by the Promenades management team.