Domestic violence: report it

VICTIMS of domestic violence in the Bridlington area must report it, the Crown Prosecution Service is urging.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service 103 people in Bridlington and its wider area were prosecuted for domestic violence related offences in 2010-2011, with 82 of them being convicted by the courts.

That is a success rate of almost 80% which is higher than the regional and national average.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Martin Goldman said: “Women experience an average of 35 incidents before they report it, if they make it that far.

“But it’s not only men that can be the perpetrators of domestic violence.

“In 2010-2011 we successfully prosecuted 76 women in Humberside for attacks on their partners, most of whom were male.

Mr Goldman said victims should not wait to see how bad it gets and not believe a partner who claims it was a one-off or the victim’s fault.

“Every week in this country two people lose their lives to domestic violence; so in 2012 we can expect 104 people to lose their life. Some of those people may be living in Bridlington.

“If we give victims of domestic abuse the confidence to report the crimes, or their neighbours to report it for them, lives can be saved, he said.”

In 2010 – 2011, CPS Humberside successfully prosecuted 78.2% of cases, 1217 of a total 1557.

The national average, in terms of success is 71.9%.