Dog owners urged to clean up mess after virus outbreak

Dog Illness ps1212-35'Dog Illness Vet Warning Pictured by Pam Stanforth ps1212-35'Mary Daly, Gertie
Dog Illness ps1212-35'Dog Illness Vet Warning Pictured by Pam Stanforth ps1212-35'Mary Daly, Gertie

DOG owners in Bridlington have been warned to be extra vigilant when cleaning up after their dogs following the outbreak of a potentially fatal disease.

Veterinary Surgeon Mary Daly is concerned after she noticed a sharp rise in the number of reported cases of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis - a disease characterized by sudden vomiting and bloody diarrhoea.

But Ms Daly, of Aldgate Vets on Wellington Road, which also has a practice in Driffield, said that cleaning up after your dog is an effective way of stopping the spread of the disease.

“Over the past few weeks we have seen a higher than usual number of cases of gastroenteritis in dogs. I have never known so many cases all at once,” said Ms Daly, who has been a veterinary surgeon for 12 years.

“These symptoms can be caused by a number of different diseases and infectious agents, but a common cause could be parvovirus, or parvo for short.

“Parvo is spread in infected dog’s vomit and faeces, and so a dog’s waste should always be cleaned up from the street or public area.”

Ms Daly has warned for dog owners to be vigilant as if it is left untreated the disease can prove fatal, and recommended for dog owners to seek veterinary advice if they suspect their dog is showing any of the above symptoms.

“We have had to hospitalise six cases and we’ve had a few more that have just come in to be seen by a vet which is much higher than we would normally expect,” said Ms Daly.

The virus is only contagious among dogs and cannot be passed on to humans. Treatment is relatively straight forward, with dogs given fluids, sometimes intravenously.

“My advice would be if anyone’s dog is vomiting more than usual to let us know, pop in to see us, but don’t panic as most vomiting dogs will have nothing wrong with them,” she added.

• We have had an excellent response from the Bridlington public in naming and shaming the worst places in Bridlington for dog dirt, but we would still like to hear more.

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And Bridlington MP Greg Knight has joined the fight and written to East Riding of Yorkshire Council about the issue of dog mess on Gypsey Road playing fields after Burlington Jackdaws coach and Snooker Centre footballer Paul Grainger contacted him through Twitter to express their anger at the state of the football pitches.

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