Dog bite left a ‘large wound’ court told

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A mother-of-five has appeared in court after her dog bit another woman causing a large flesh wound on her leg which was bleeding profusely, a court heard.

Zoe Davies, 30, of Baptist Place, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dog which was dangerously out of control and causing injury on January 13 this year on St John’s Street, Bridlington.

East Riding Magistrates’ Court heard how the lurcher-cross-saluki named Lenny was being taken for a walk on a lead by Davies’ 12-year-old son when all of a sudden, and without warning, it bit the calf of a passer-by who was also walking a dog.

Prosecuting, Colette Dixon said: “The complainant noticed the dog because she thought it was such a lovely colour. As she walked past the boy she noticed that the dog seemed to pull away from him and she was bitten in her calf area.”

Mrs Dixon showed magistrates images of what she described as “a large flesh wound” which was “bleeding profusely” and left the woman’s trousers covered in blood.

The woman, 59, has subsequently had to take time off work as a night carer and has undergone several hospital visits to treat the injury in which a vein was fractured, the court heard.

Mrs Dixon added: “It was also necessary for her to have a skin graft. Doctors took a piece of skin from the top of her leg to close the bite wound up.”

Defending, Stephen Munro said Davies had been in such shock that she promptly re-homed the dog, although it had never been a problem around her children.

He said: “There is no explanation as to why this animal snapped at this lady.

“It was not a case where she was highly irresponsible. This is family who have taken care of this animal.”

Davies must wait until June 15 to find out her sentence following the preparation of a pre-sentence report. The dog’s new owner, who is a family member, will also be invited to attend court on that date when magistrates will decide on whether the animal must be destroyed.