Do you remember the last time Bridlington received a new lifeboat?

The new lifeboat arrives in Bridlington back in 1988
The new lifeboat arrives in Bridlington back in 1988

Sunday is set to be a big day for Bridlington’s RNLI crew as the town’s new lifeboat arrives.

It is 29 years since the resort has welcomed a brand new vessel, but the station has been looking back at that day.

The crew from 1988

The crew from 1988

In November 1988, the Mersey class lifeboat ‘Peggy And Alex Caird’ arrived at the harbour to the delight of waiting crowds.

Coxswain Fred Walkington and his crew moored the new boat in the harbour for the public to get their first glimpse.

Three of the crew who were on board that day, Paul Staveley, Ken Smith and Andy Brompton, are still closely involved with Bridlington lifeboat station,

The current lifeboat ‘Marine Engineer’ has been stationed at Bridlington for 22 years, replacing the ‘Peggy And Alex Caird’ in 1995.

The Antony Patrick Jones

The Antony Patrick Jones

On Sunday, the new Antony Patrick Jones will complete its journey to Bridlington from the RNLI headquarters in Poole.

It will travel down from Scarborough and will be escorted into the bay by lifeboats from Flamborough and other local stations.

Coxswain Stuart Tibbett will be at the helm and in his crew will be Grant Walkington and Chris Brompton, who will be following in the footsteps of their fathers 29 years before.

The Shannon class vessel, is due at its new base at 1.22pm, because her operational boat number is 1322.

Chris Brompton, Bridlington RNLI’s station mechanic, added: “Our volunteer crew can’t wait to start their new chapter of lifesaving with the Shannon and we’ve really enjoyed our recent training ahead of her arrival.

“The state-of-the-art vessel is 50% faster than our current all-weather lifeboat and this will ensure that those in need are reached even more quickly than before.”

It has been named after a local man who bequeathed a large amount of money to Bridlington RNLI, which helped to fund the new boat.

Antony Patrick Jones was an only child and spent his childhood and young adult life in Bridlington. He was a keen horseman and was involved with assisting in Riding for the Disabled and also enjoyed swimming.

His late mother, Constance Jones, was an active member of Bridlington Ladies Lifeboat Guild.

RNLI lifeboat operations manager, Keith Turnbull, said: “The arrival of Bridlington’s Shannon class lifeboat has been much anticipated. We really hope that as many people as possible turn up to witness what promises to be a truly historic occasion.”