DJ ‘promises’ to visit live on air

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

A BBC disk-jockey has promised to visit East Yorkshire after seeing a picture of beautiful Flamborough Head in a national newspaper.

Chris Evans, who also makes regular appearances on The One Show, said he had never heard of Flamborough after seeing the stunning picture published in The Mirror, saying it “looked like somewhere abroad”.

It led Chris to invite East Riding Councillor Jane Evison on to his weekday breakfast show to talk about the East Riding.

Chris said: “I had never heard of Flamborough! The phantom Flamborough! We saw some gorgeous pictures of your cove – is it a cove?

Cllr Evison replied: “It’s a bay. I must admit I heard your broadcast yesterday and I went out and bought a paper, and I can confirm it looks every bit as lovely as the picture in the paper.

“But there’s lots to do on our East Yorkshire Coast, very diverse. We’ve got Flamborough with the rock pools, birds and cliffs and that’s contrasted with the golden sands of Bridlington which are just a few miles south.

“There’s loads to here Bemton’s RSPB bird attraction which has over 250,000 nesting seabirds – puffins, gannets, guillemots and we have a marine centre.

“Bridlington is a premier shellfish port and catches loads of lobsters and crabs. More than any other European port.”

Commenting on Flamborough Head, Chris Evans added: “I love the rocks, they were spectacular.”

Cllr Evison said: “They are magnificent and the coast line alters as you travel along. The other fact to mention is we are right on the border and just a few miles from Flamborough you are in the Wolds, the area David Hockney paints.”

Cllr Evison’s interview ended with Chris promising a visit, saying: “Well I can’t not, I have to do that – that will happen some time in the near future. I promise. It will be my pleasure and my joy!”