DJ excited to play Brid Spa concert

WORLD famous DJ Norman Cook - better known to many as Fatboy Slim - is heading to Bridlington Spa, one of only five venues, as part of his 5 night stand tour on December 9. Mike Brown caught up with Norman to ask him what he has in store for Brid fans.

Have you ever been to Bridlington before?

Yeah I’ve been loads of times. I lived in Hull when I was with the Housemartins so I came up on afternoon trips, and went to quite a few gigs up there at the Spa. It’s a few years ago now, so I’m sure it will have changed but there are nice memories of piling in a car from Hull and driving up the coast.

Are you looking forward to it?

Absolutely, I really wanted to get back to England and play these five shows. I realised that I’ve played nearly 80 shows around the world this year at places like the Great Wall of China, and beach parties in Tokyo, then I realised that I hadn’t played in England and I wanted to do that before the end of the year. Bridlington is the perfect place for me to come and the people that turn up are in for a great night.

So it’s been a busy schedule then?

It has been, but playing to an audience is the most enjoyable thing in the business and I wanted to get back to England and do that.

What is the 5 night stand all about?

We are bringing an acid house party to the places in the country that echo the spirit of the old Northern Soul nights and the weekender vibe - going back to the old ballrooms like Bridlington and Blackpool was our main thought. The visuals are a big part of the show so we needed to pick places where they will work.

Why acid house?

It’s the easiest way to describe what I will be playing - party stuff. Other DJs classify the music they are playing like minimal, or drum and bass, but I just want to play things that people want to hear from us.

You’ve had a very varied career, is that the type of music you’re most comfortable with?

I think so. When you’ve been in the business for 25 years you only carry on doing what you enjoy doing. I have been in bands in the past and while they were great, I’ve come to realise that I’m a much better DJ than I am a bass player.

What are your favourite type of venues to play?

All of them have their charms to be honest. The big events give you the thrill because you are packing as many people in as you can, and at festivals like Glastonbury people there are determined to have a good time. I was at Bestival not long ago and it was the first time I had performed back in England for a while and I’d forgotten how warm English crowds can be. With the smaller shows, you are more free in what you play, you don’t have to worry about playing your hits all the time and the visuals work much better. I might still drop a big tune in, but just to tease the audience.

What type of music are you into at the moment?

I hear so much new stuff all day for work, that when I am at home and relaxing I tend to listen to older stuff, soul and blues records. If I put on a new record at home I would be sitting there and thinking, ‘how has he done that?’ or ‘what instruments has he used there?’.