Divisions on Haisthorpe wind turbine

Zone of theoretical visability
Zone of theoretical visability

Parish councils are divided in their opinions on whether a planning application for a 180 foot wind turbine in Haisthorpe should be approved.

Burton Agnes Parish Council, Rudston Parish Council, Carnaby Parish Council and Barmston and Fraisthorpe Parish Council, as well as a number of organisations and individuals, sent letters to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning department to express their views.

In a letter, Burton Agnes Parish Council said the construction, which Yorkshire Water is the applicant for, would have a ‘culminative impact’.

The letter read: “We recommend that the application should be refused for the following reasons: Culminative impact: Fraisthorpe, Carnaby, Carnaby Temple, Thornholme (in appeal), Lissett, Lissett Extension (proposed) plus private farm turbines -impact on tourism - views from Bridlington Priory and Sewerby.

“There needs to be a greater distance between windfarm sites.”

Rudston Parish Council said in their letter: “We recommend that, if approved, the following conditions should be imposed: No ‘conditions’ but just to put on record that the Parish Council was almost equally for or against.”

Carnaby Parish Council said: “There are too many in one area: it is too big a turbine for the requirements on that site.”

However Barmston and Fraisthorpe Parish Council said: “This was discussed at a meeting of parish councillors on 9 April 2013 and it was agreed that the Parish Council recommend that the application should be approved.”

Bridlington and District Civic Society also objected to the wind turbine because it does not fall within their policy on wind turbines.

David Hinde, a resident of The Yorkshire Wolds, said: “This application is for a 180 feet 5 inches Turbine to Blade Tip – Flamborough Lighthouse is 86.94 feet –so this Turbine is more than twice its height and on elevated ground.

“It is on the main visitor approach to Bridlington and close to Ancient Woldgate Roman Road and very close to Listed Important Heritage assets at Haisthorpe Hall & Carnaby Temple .

“In this Haisthorpe application The ERYC Conservation Officer states This 55 Metre Turbine will have an adverse impact on the Temple’s setting.