Diva Jenkins to star at Burton Agnes concert

Katherine Jenkins
Katherine Jenkins

The Blue Bell Hotel at Burton Agnes has pulled off a massive coup by signing up Welsh diva Katherine Jenkins for a show in May.

The popular pub and restaurant will showcase the A-list mezzo-soprano’s talents on Saturday, May 31 – and the singer will be backed by a 32-piece orchestra.

There will be just 2,000 tickets up for grabs for this special concert, which will also have a number of other acts on the bill, and on sale on January 1.

Just last year Russell Watson starred with electronic string quartet Escala during a concert at the location, but the hotel’s owner, Alan Wilson, said this occasion has far more gravitas, describing Katherine Jenkins as the ultimate diva.

This concert is the jewel in the crown for the hotel’s entertainment schedule, which also sees the return of TV personality and spirit medium Derek Acorah and a darts championship with more than £5,000 in prize money on offer.

Mr Wilson said: “We are hoping to sell 2,000 tickets for the event, but in reality she sells out wherever she goes. Russell Watson was big, but Katherine Jenkins is a global icon. You would say that she is a bigger attraction.

“She is bringing her full orchestra, I think it is a 32-piece orchestra, and obviously we are going to add to the line-up over the next couple of weeks.

“When we had Russell Watson here we backed it up with Escala.

“We are in consultation with the promoters now to get other acts as her support.

“We are trying to get Bond for the concert, which is a string quartet similar to Escala, and are trying to tie up the deal now.

“As we did with the Russell Watson gig, we showcased Rebecca Newman who was a local girl from York and hopefully we can get another local soprano on the bill for this concert.

“The show will start at 4pm and finish at 10pm, with Katherine top of the bill.

“It is a coup to get a genuine A-Lister into East Yorkshire, let’s face it she’s not the Chuckle Brothers is she? She is a global icon. As a diva she’s top drawer and I am expecting a complete sell out for the occasion.”

The concert is expected to bring extra people and business into the area, bring money to the hotels and boost the local economy.

For more information or to buy tickets for the event contact 01262 490050 or visit the Blue Bell Hotel’s website: www.bluebellhotel.net.