Distraught owner appeals for help to find cat

Josephine Gowland'Her Cat Daisy has gone missing'PA1213-1a
Josephine Gowland'Her Cat Daisy has gone missing'PA1213-1a

A woman has appealed for help to find her missing cat, which she says is the last link to her father who died last month.

Josephine Gowland, of Kingsgate, Bridlington, took in Daisy the cat when her father Tommy Atkins died on February 2.

Missing Caty Daisy'PA1213-1b

Missing Caty Daisy'PA1213-1b

Tommy had found Daisy abandoned on railway lines near his home on Ashbourne Avenue ten years ago, and adopted her.

When Josephine took over looking after her, she kept her in the house for four weeks to acclimatise to her new surroundings, but two weeks after letting her out of the house Daisy went missing on March 20.

“We are distraught. We have searched everywhere for her but we just can’t find her. I have put flyers up and posted around 600 of them at houses around the Kingsgate area but I have not had any luck so far,” said Mrs Gowland.

“Daisy is the last link to my dad, and I just want her to come back.”

Daisy is described as a longhaired, white/tabby domestic cat.

She is petite in stature and timid in nature, and is micro-chipped as well as being recorded as missing with the vets.

There is a reward for her safe return. If you have any information, call 07796 391596 or 07850 865508.