Disaster memorial campaign

Burton Agnes Level Crossing''Richard Jones campaigning for a memorial to the Train Disaster of 1947''PA1214-8
Burton Agnes Level Crossing''Richard Jones campaigning for a memorial to the Train Disaster of 1947''PA1214-8

A BRIDLINGTON author is campaigning for a memorial to those killed in a railway crash at Burton Agnes in 1947.

Richard Jones, 31, of St Johns Avenue has been busy researching the crash in which a train collided with a truck full of German prisoners of war on the level crossing in the village.

Ten Germans and two British soldiers were killed and another 16 German POWs were injured in the crash.

As part of his research into the collision, Mr Jones has been busy collecting photographs, documents and original newspaper reports and believes the event, now seemingly forgotten, deserves a permanent memorial in the village.

He is looking for anybody who was around at the time of the disaster or anyone related to or who knew those killed, for example German POWs who settled in the area after the war, to come forward with any information they may have.

Mr Jones said: “I have been researching forgotten disasters since I was 11 years old. Burton Agnes was one that cropped up in my Lockington research with it being close by. I think that disasters such as this shouldn’t be forgotten.

“It was not really a big event at the time, it was in the newspapers the day after and that’s about it.”

Chairman of Burton Agnes Parish Council, Jeanette Cawkwell said: “We discussed Mr Jones’ letter at a parish council meeting in March.

“A memorial to the disaster is not something the council is opposed to, but we wrote to Mr Jones saying that he needs to go through the proper channels, contacting either the highways agency or the rail company about it.”

Mr Jones plans to write a small book about the event once he has completed his research.

Mr Jones, who has previously written books about the Great Gale and the 1975 Moorgate tube crash in London, has visited the graves either side of London where the British soldiers killed in the Burton Agnes crash were buried.

Last year Mr Jones was granted permission to put up a memorial to the Moorgate crash in London and is currently in the process of finding funding, though it has been hard because the site of the proposed memorial in Finsbury Square is currently occupied by protesters in tents.

If you have any information on the Burton Agnes disaster which you would like to share with Mr Jones please email shipwreckdata@yahoo.co.uk or call 07938 559 076.