Did you see Jason Donovan in Bridlington?

Jason Donovans Amazing Midlife Crisis
Jason Donovans Amazing Midlife Crisis

Jason Donovan played Bridlington last night and also had some time to enjoy a bit of sunshine at the beach.

The star known for his appearances in Neighbours, Joseph and I'm a Celebrity stopped off at Bridlington Spa on his My Amazing Midlife Crisis tour.

During his visit to the town, he also had time to stop by the beach to enjoy the blue skies - posting this picture on Twitter.

Jason Donovan’s Amazing Midlife Crisis examines every aspect of his life, from where he began to where he is today as he revisits his past, present and future. His self-effacing, mercurial story-telling will shatter illusions of the ‘teen heart throb’ in a witty and entertaining show.

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