Dickinson’s Real Deal invites public to Scarboro’ Spa

David Dickinson is coming to Scarborough!
David Dickinson is coming to Scarborough!

It’s time to dust off those antiques and treasures – David Dickinson is coming to town!

Hit ITV show Dickinson’s Real Deal will be filming at Scarborough Spa this Saturday and members of the public are invited to come along from 8am to 5pm and have their items assessed for free.

If dealers are interested, they will make a cash offer or ask the owner if they would like to gamble on making more by going to auction.

David said: “I’m very much looking forward to visiting Scarborough. It’s an area of the country I love bringing the show to.

“I remember visiting before. The items brought in were fantastic, great quality, with fabulous history and stories attached.

“People of Scarborough – come along and get the Real Deal!”

Auction filming will take place at David Duggleby Auctioneers in Vine Street later this month and auctioneer Jeremy Wood will be at the event on Saturday.

Members of the public can just come along on Saturday and do not need to make an appointment.

They will be given advice by a team of independent valuers.

David Dickinson will be keeping an eye on the deals and giving advice to people about whether they should take the dealer’s cash or gamble at auction.

However, the final decision lies with contributors on which option they believe is the ‘Real Deal’.