Diamond robbery at a town centre jewellers in Bridlington

E-fit image for man suspected to have stolen �24,000 ring
E-fit image for man suspected to have stolen �24,000 ring

A DIAMOND ring worth around £24,000 has been stolen in a robbery at a town centre jewellers in Bridlington.

Police have released two different e-fit images of a man they believe is responsible for the theft – and are urging witnesses to come forward.

E-fit image for man suspected to have stolen �24,000 ring

E-fit image for man suspected to have stolen �24,000 ring

The ring was stolen from Griffins Jewellers, in Prospect Street, last Saturday between 12.45pm and 12.57pm.

Det Sgt Tom Napier, of Bridlington CID, said a man, aged between 30 and 42, went into the shop and asked to look at the jewellery at the window.

After pointing out an item in the window display to the female shop assistant, the the man forced his way past her to grab a ring in the display.

Det Sgt Napier said: “The man had no consent to be there.

Detective Sergeant

Detective Sergeant

“He has forcibly kept her out of the way of the display. It was made quite clear he had no business being there.

“He held her down as he went past her and he must have picked two items up, and gave one back to the shop assistant.

“The man said he needed to leave and would return to the shop soon.”

After the man left, it was discovered the 18 carat white gold ring, set with a large – continued on Page 3

certificated circular diamond in the centre and encrusted on the shoulders with more diamonds, had been stolen.

Any licensed jeweller will be able to identify a certificated diamond.

Overall, police say the ring contained 78 diamonds, which weighs over 5 carats.

Det Sgt Napier said: “I firmly believe that because of the high value of the item stolen, someone has deliberately looked in the window and saw exactly what they wanted to steal and then gone in to the shop.”

He described the suspect as white, of medium build, and wearing a grey woollen hat or baseball cap, a grey hooded top with a white top underneath and dark trousers.

After he left the shop, the man is said to have turned left and headed in the direction of North Street and Chapel Street.

“It was lunchtime on a Saturday and the town centre was busy, so we are appealing for anyone who may have seen a man fitting the description, or have any other information about the incident,” said Det Sgt Napier.

There were two other customers in the store at the time of the robbery.

David White, managing director of Griffins Jewellers, said: “Although we were the unfortunate victims of a robbery in which a small amount of jewellery was stolen, the police hope to make a quick arrest, assisted by our state of the art, in store security equipment.

“We continue to work closely with the police in these situations, who acknowledge our policy of continual improvement to our security systems.

“We have learnt from this robbery, immediately undertaking a security review, which has lead to a tightening of our internal security equipment and procedures, which will in future inhibit another similar theft.”

Police have spoken to witnesses and a number of descriptions have been been given, so for this reason police have released two slightly different e-fit images of the man.

Anyone who may have information in connection with the incident is asked to call Humberside Police on the non emergency telephone number 101, quoting crime reference 1886581.