Denied prize after blunder

Gowan Groves 10'Denied Quality Street Comp Pize because of his age'PA11480-21'pictured with what he should have won
Gowan Groves 10'Denied Quality Street Comp Pize because of his age'PA11480-21'pictured with what he should have won

A FAMILY has been left disappointed after being denied a prize they won from a box of chocolates.

David Rubin, and his sons Gowan, 10, and Connell, 9, bought a box of Quality Street chocolates which offering the chance to win a prize in an online competition.

When David returned home, his son had entered the code into the website, receiving an email message telling him he had won a Sony digital camera, worth around £180.

“I was in the other room when he told me we had won a camera,” said David.

“I didn’t realise that Gowan had entered the code into the website, but obviously as a young lad he was excited to see if we had won a prize.

“When he entered the code, he obviously entered his name and a date of birth which would have made him 18 – so he could see which prize he had won.”

David, of Windsor Crescent, said that he immediately called Nestle, who own the Quality Street brand, when he realised his son had made the mistake – and admitted that Gowan, a Quay Primary School pupil had typed in the wrong date of birth.

“He is a ten-year-old boy, and he was obviously excited at the prospect of winning a prize. Children see these things advertised and want their parents to buy them the products where they can win prizes, it is tempting for them to go online and see if they have won.

“I told them this, but they said that the prize was non-transferable and that it would be withdrawn.

“I was shocked, I only rang them up to teach my son about honesty. If I hadn’t have said anything, the camera would probably have been delivered to our address without any questions asked.

“I had bought the box of chocolates and I was going to redeem the code, so we should still be entitled to the prize. I would like to know where the prize will go otherwise.

“We are all very disappointed as we were looking forward to using the camera over Christmas.”

A spokesman for Nestle said: “We are sorry Mr Reuben is disappointed with the Quality Street 75th Birthday promotion.

“We take great care with all our promotions to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements and every effort is made to ensure all our promotions are fair for all of our consumers. We have explained to Mr Reuben that as his son submitted a false date of birth and as he was under the age of 18 he is not eligible to enter this promotion to win a prize.”