Democracy day for year 8 pupils

Constructing wind turbines as part of democracy day.
Constructing wind turbines as part of democracy day.

As part of Bridlington School’s Fundamental British Values programme all year 8 took part in a collapsed timetabled day where they completed different workshops and activities based around democracy.

Activities included:

The construction of wind turbine models with explanations of how electricity is generated.

Representatives were democratically selected to work with our two visitors: Susan Hunt and David Farnsworth from East Riding Council, both of whom have been involved in nearby wind farms. Susan with planning, and David with the management of community funds that come with them.

Students had to write reports which were used in the public enquiry.

Further elections took place to select councillors, who would then represent the different school houses in the debate in the afternoon.

Visiting speaker Ian Taylor, of Flooglebinders, spoke about climate change and the need for us all to do something about it.

Students prepared for the public enquiry, by taking on different roles; tourists, business persons.

A full enquiry was held in the hall which was finished with a democratic vote. The vote was 3:1 in favour of building the wind farm.

Congratulations to Moore who won the inter-house competition!

We would also like to thank our visiting speakers and we are very grateful to Councillor Jane Evison for engaging with students about her experience of wind farms throughout the day.