Dealer warned off cannabis

David Skelly, 49, of Hilderthorpe Road, Bridlington
David Skelly, 49, of Hilderthorpe Road, Bridlington

A Bridlington drug dealer caught red-handed with 132 grams of cannabis in his 4X4 parked in a layby has been told by a judge he risks prison for six months if he is caught with cannabis again.

David Skelly, 49, of Hilderthorpe Road, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence ( Monday November 30) after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled drug of glass B 
with intent to supply it to another.

He was caught in a layby in his parked 4X4 on the A614 between Bridlington and Driffield.

Jobless father-of-two Skelly had 132 grams of cannabis, £440 in cash, and a mobile telephone with 41 messages on it relating to the sale of drugs on June 26.

Defence barrister Paul Norton said Skelly’s family depended on him even thought he had no job and lived on benefits.

He said Skelly had just bought the cannabis and was on his way to pay his supplier. He said he used the drug for therapeutic reasons to treat arthritis and dealt with drugs to six friends.

Judge Mark Bury ordered Skelly to stand as she told him: “You must take steps to wean yourself off cannabis.

“Not only is it a criminal offence, but if you are caught with it in the next 12 months you will go to prison.”

The judge ordered 
Skelly should be given a six-month sentence of imprisonment suspended for 12 months, a 35-day rehabilitation order, £900 court charge and a victim surcharge.

He was allowed to walk free.