David cries for Bridlington

Bridlington Town Crier, David Hinde has got a new hat.
Bridlington Town Crier, David Hinde has got a new hat.

Bridlington Town Crier David Hinde represented the town in the First Town Criers Competition of the year in Ely earlier this month.

David competed against 16 other town criers in the competition with judges taking into account not just loudness but diction & inflection, confidence & bearing, engaging the audience, accuracy & content of cry.

David Hinde, Bridlington Town Crier.

David Hinde, Bridlington Town Crier.

David claimed third place in the ‘Content of the Theme Cry’ section for his cry ‘Folk Of The Fens’.

He also performed a cry called ‘Great Bridlington The Heart Of The Yorkshire Coast’ promoting all that the town has to offer.

For the occasion David had a special hat made by Ascot Top Hats with a shilling sewn into it, representing the shilling paid to the 1858 Bridlington Town Crier, John Meek Bell, for a year of crying. David came eighth place overall in the competition which formed part of the Eel Festival in Cambridgeshire.

David Hinde said: “I’m thrilled with the new Hat with its Heritage ties with the Previous Town Criers.

“I am very proud to be Town Crier for Bridlington and an ambassador at Town Crier Competitions throughout the country.

“The day went well there was a large number of criers from across the country taking part.

“I do three or four competitions each year in addition to my duties in Bridlington as crier, I also went along to the event marking 100 days until the Grand Depart.

“I’ve always had a loud singing voice and people always used to comment. I started town crying in 2012 and won the first competition I entered in Knaresborough.

“I will be competing again in Devon in July.”

There has been a town crier in Bridlington since at least the 1680’s and David is proud to be part of that long history.