Damage may have been the seagulls

St John's Burlington Methodist Church Bridlington
St John's Burlington Methodist Church Bridlington

Repairs at a Bridlington Church are at a matter of urgency after seagulls are thought to have dislodged masonry over the front door.

The main entrance of St John’s Burlington in Quay Road is still cordoned off as a precaution with parishioners using the side entrance.

John Fisher, chairman of the church’s roof appeal to fix leaks and tackle areas of dry rot means repairs need to be stepped up.

“It was only quite a small piece which we think was dislodged by the birds protecting their young. We do have a problem with them nesting up there but it focuses on the need for us to be able to proceed with repairs as a matter of urgency,” said Mr Fisher.

The appeal to raise £50,000 is doing well with approximately £30,000 coming from the congregation and around £11,500 from local businesses. Last month one church member raised £500 by holding a garden party.

“It means from Easter this year we have raised or been promised around £42,000 which is amazing and I am still waiting to hear from one or two grant making trusts to see if they will also help us,” said Mr Fisher.

The work on the interior dry rot has begun and it is hoped the ridge tiles will be dealt with in September with stone masonry early in October. “We set ourselves two years to raise the £50,000, I am hoping we reach that by the end of the year but we still need more,” said Mr Fisher.

Anyone who would like to donate should contact John Fisher on 01262 851785.