Dad’s group thriving at Children’s Centre

Butts Close Centre'Dads Club'PA1104-16
Butts Close Centre'Dads Club'PA1104-16

A GROUP for fathers with young children in the Bridlington area is inviting others to join up.

The Dad’s Group is based at the Children’s Centre in Butts Close, and allows fathers of children up to the age of five to spend time with their youngsters in an interactive environment alongside other dads.

Craig Davies takes son Ren, aged 16 months, to the group which takes place every Saturday from 10am to noon.

He says it’s gives him some father-son time with Ren, as well as giving his better half some time on her own.

“As soon as Saturday morning comes around, [wife] Heather yells ‘off you go, time for dad’s club!’”, he explained.

“The group allows me and Ren to get out of her hair for a few hours, and enjoy some quality time together.

“The group is great for the kids as they can interact with children around their own age, and form friendships and play together.

“And us dads have a natter as well - its better than sitting on the sofa all day watching football!”

The Davies’s joined the group after finding out about it through Social Services. “Ren doesn’t stop screaming when he is there,” said Craig, “And that is a good thing as that generally means he is enjoying it.

“He plays with many of the other kids, and looks forward to his time at the group.”

Kay Roantree, head of the Children’s Centre, said: “The group has revamped and evolved over time, and there is a new committee in place now.

“All dads are welcome, and we are open every Saturday except bank holiday weekends.”

If anyone would like further information about the group, contact the Children’s Centre on 409596.