Cyril is glad to be back on council

Bridlington North Ward Councillor Cyril Marsburg
Bridlington North Ward Councillor Cyril Marsburg

A re-elected councillor claims the reason he was not appointed back in to office during the local elections was because of a clerical error.

Cyril Marsburg was reappointed as a North Ward councillor at the latest town council meeting, following the resignation of councillor Ronnie Morrison in July.

The vacancy was filled by co-op, with Cyril receiving a majority of six votes against his opponents Maxine Greaves, who received one vote, and Felix McCormack and Gareth Evans, who both receivedzero votes.

Cyril, who has been mayor of Bridlington twice, in 2009 - 2010 and 2011-2012, said people did not vote for him because his ballot paper omitted important information.

“I am the longest standing member of Bridlington Town Council, I have been involved in politics for 37 years now,” he said.

“The reason I was not elected in the local elections was because of a clerical error on my ballot paper. It didn’t say what party I stood for.

“But I am pleased to be back and carry on representing the people of Bridlington.”

His appointment follows the resignation of former town councillor, Ronnie Morrison, who left the council in July.

The Free Press approached the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to confirm whether an error had been made on Councillor Marsburg’s ballot slip, but we did not receive a response.

There was no re-election for the Bridlington North Ward seat because ten candidate were required to have put their name forward.

In such instances, town and parish councils are able to appoint a new councillor by co-option, meaning they vote between themselves out of the candidates who have come forward.

Councillors Thelma and Malcom Milns were abset from the latest meeting of the Town Council held last 
week on Wednesday September 16.