Cultural event hailed an amazing success

Headlands School celebrated cultural diversity in style by putting on a night to remember at Bridlington Spa.

The first-of-its-kind evening in the town consisted of entertainment and factual footage showcasing the culture between Bridlington and Headlands’ South African counterparts, Sibelius High School.

Almost 250 guests attended the event which has raised an estimated £5,000 in order to fly 12 students and four members of staff from Africa over to Bridlington.

David Stamper, Headlands director of community and co-organiser of the event, said: “The whole night from beginning to end was a complete success. The night itself took a lot of organising but we thankfully had a lot of support, not least from the Tale Gate Theatre company who wrote the whole show and their performance was complemented by some of our amazing students.

“Through raising awareness of our own culture and traditions, we were able to highlight both similarities and differences between our two communities.”

The school partnership is through the Afri-Twin project and fundraising began after a group of students spent a week in Cape Town learning about the different cultures across the wider international community in February.

The evening, on September 22, saw guests sit down to a three-course meal while enjoying a wide range of entertainment featuring schoolchildren as well as professional performances.

The crowd was treated to samba, music and theatre throughout the night, demonstrating the talent in the Bridlington area.

Sarah Bone, Headlands headteacher, said: “Go Headlands! What an amazing evening. I have seriously never been to anything like it. Well done to everyone and in particular David and Kate Lindsey for making it so special.”

The reward for the efforts of Headlands is that the Sibelius teachers and students are set to touch down in the country today (September 29).

Kate Lindsey, English teacher and co-organiser, said: “I would like to thank the community for getting behind this project and helping to make the evening as enjoyable and exciting as it was. Thank you to all our supporters, particularly Richardson Ford for being the headline sponsor and Viking FM for working alongside them.

“We are all proud of what we have achieved and are extremely excited to welcome the South African staff and students to our school.”