Crumbling sea wall removal

Sea Defences to be Taken Down at Ulrome. --'NBFP PA1433-21a
Sea Defences to be Taken Down at Ulrome. --'NBFP PA1433-21a

A crumbling sea defence at risk of falling onto the beach below will be removed by the council.

The owners of a seawall at Southfield Lane in Ulrome were served an emergency demolition notice by East Riding of Yorkshire Council amid fears it was moving and could collapse at any time.

However, a spokesperson for Ulrome Sands - the caravan park protected by the defence - said the business is now faced with further threat from coastal erosion.

Tracey James, director of Turton Group Investments, said: “Everybody is affected by it and concerned about it, but there is not a lot we can do. The council will not permit any private building so there won’t be any more.

“If we have weather like last winter when we had these surges it might hurry things along but you can’t tell. We just have to accept things.”

A council spokesperson said: “An emergency demolition notice was issued on the owners of a section of private coastal defence at Southfield Lane, Ulrome after monitoring reports confirmed the seawall in question was moving and at imminent risk of collapsing onto the foreshore.

“As the owners of the seawall were unable to complete the emergency works within the timetable set out in the notice, they have asked East Riding of Yorkshire Council to undertake the work on their behalf and a contractor has been appointed to complete the work. This work is the latest response to the impact of the winter tidal surge upon the private defences and the remaining sections of the seawall will continue to be monitored by the council.”