Yob jailed for threats to man

An Asbo yob with 71 convictions has been jailed for 16 months after threatening a pal who reported him to the police for sending indecent pictures of children by mobile phone.

Barry Dockerty, 29, sent four indecent images of children during a sexualized conversation. His sickened mate reported it to the police.

Dockerty, of Vernon Road, Bridlington, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence from custody (Friday Feb 26). He had earlier pleaded guilty to two breaches of community orders, three breaches of his Anti Social Behaviour Order, witness intimidation, two frauds and possession of a bladed article.

Crown barrister Stephen Welch said on January 18 this year he intimidated a witness by sending an abusive message to a man who in 2014 had reported him to the police for the sick images he had received.

Dockerty was upset that he had been reported, wanted revenge and sent the message: “You are dead. Lots of people are looking for you.”

At the time of the offence he was the subject of two community orders – one of which was put in place for intimidating the same witness. In earlier communication he had messaged him: “Drop the charges or you are dead. I have taken an overdose as I have nothing to live for.”

Mr Welch said Vernon had also fraudulently advertised £200 shopping vouchers for sale, an Apple Macbook for £1,000 and Sony Experia mobile phone for £240. He claimed on Gumtree he had the computer and phone for sale, but after the items were paid for he never supplied them.

Mr Welch said Dockerty had breached his ASBO by making nuisance 999 calls to the police and either going silent or hanging up. He was also found in Bridlington town centre with an eight inch-long knife in his top pocket. He claimed he wanted to be arrested as he was receiving threats over his conviction for indecent images and wanted the safety of a prison cell.

The court heard he had eight breaches of his ASBO on his record and repeat offences of breaching restraining orders between 2005 and 2008 and sending threatening communication in 2011.

Defence barrister Laura Addy said he was an attention seeker: “It is not a pretty record. This a 29-year-old man who seen the inside of a prison on a number of occasions, partly of his own making as he was unwilling to engage with probation.

“At the root of his problems is his impulsive behaviour without considering the consequences. This is something which prison will not address.

“He has been receiving threats after people have learnt of his conviction. He felt the police were not providing help. He firstly decided to intimidate this man and when that had no affect, he took an eight inch bladed article in the city centre so he could get locked up.”

Sentencing, Judge Kate Buckingham said: “Your antecedents are lengthy and peppered. There is a cycle of repeat offending. Your blatant disregard for court orders, and commission of similar offences, means only a custodial order can be justified.”

She jailed him for a total of 16 months.