Watch video of ‘insane’ Brid driver

The Free Press has obtained footage of an “insane” driver who came just inches away from causing a potentially fatal collision.

The video was caught on a driver’s dash-board camera.

Narrow escape

Narrow escape

It shows the driver of a blue Mazda narrowly escaping a full head-on collision with a four-by-four after making an overtake on Scarborough Road just outside Bridlington.

The driver who caught the video said: “I couldn’t believe it. I saw him come racing up behind me in my mirror and he looked as if he was going for an overtake.

“There was a car coming the other way so I had to brake and move over or he could have killed someone.

“You can see how close he was to seriously injuring or even killing someone - he must have been insane.

“It’s just selfish because he not only put his own life at risk, but also the lives of the people in the oncoming car and my own.”

Humberside Police have been made aware of the incident which happened this morning at around 8am.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Drivers who drive in an inconsiderate manner or fail to comply with traffic legislation can put other road users in danger.

“The force would advise everyone to make them aware of the highway code and drive in a considerate manner towards other road users.”