WATCH: £1,700 pram stolen and burned

An unknown ‘thief’ is alleged to have stolen a £1,700 pram from an amusements arcade before setting it alight and dumping it near Hull.

Humberside Police are appealing for information after the man was caught on camera walking away with a pricey Silver Cross Balmoral pram from Funland Amusements, on Garrison Street, Bridlington.

Do you know him? Dial 101

Do you know him? Dial 101

The footage, which has been viewed around 100,000 times on social media, shows the suspected thief loitering close to the pram which did not have a baby in it, before wheeling it away on Saturday 8 August at around 9pm.

Bridlington dad and owner of Funland Amusements Edward Chapman believes the alleged thief dumped his pram at Cottingham near Hull after realising how many people had viewed the video online.

“I couldn’t believe the video went so viral,” Edward said, “the detective dealing with the case saw it on Facebook and said he was going to make sure it was found.”

The pram was recovered the following day on Sunday, but officers found the treasured possession left scorched and destroyed after it was set alight and dumped.

The pram was found destoyed after it was set alight and dumped in Cottingham

The pram was found destoyed after it was set alight and dumped in Cottingham

Edward added: “We have a baby on the way in September and now we have been left without a pram.

“ We could get a new one, but we shouldn’t have to.

“I don’t know why he would want to steal it. Maybe he couldn’t afford one and wanted something he couldn’t have.

“If he was going to sell it he couldn’t because it was that hot everyone knew about it.”

The video attracted hundreds of outraged comments on Facebook from users as far away as Bristol and Glasgow who shared it more than 100,000 times.

One comment said: “This has just made me sick to the stomach seeing this. Feel so awful for you knowing that this was the beautiful pram that you had your two gorgeous babies in. Just awful.”

Now Humberside Police are appealing for help in tracking down the suspect man.

A spokesperson for the force said: “CCTV is currently available and if anyone recognises either of the men in the footage, police would like to speak to them in connection with the alleged theft.

“Anyone who can help with the police investigation or recognises these men are asked to contact Humberside Police on the non-emergency number 101 quoting crime reference number 1230859 of 8 August.”