VIDEO: Murdered Bridlington land lady’s tree planting

The family and friends of a Bridlington land lady who was murdered in July have planted a tree in her memory on the day that would have been her birthday.

The daughters of Bei Carter, Anabella and Isabella Carter, were present at the touching event which took place at Sewerby Gardens on Saturday 22 November, along with family friends Dave and Freda Ellis.

Dave, who soon got to know Bei and her family shortly after they moved to Marshall Avenue, said: “We all thought the day went really well.

“Bei’s husband, Terry was there and he came with Bei’s sister from Cambridge – she owns a restaurant there.

“We had mentioned the idea of planting a tree to Terry before and he rang us up to say he thought it would be a good idea for us to plant it on her birthday. The girls were absolutely over the moon with the tree, they were overwhelmed from what the public have done for them.”

Following the tragic murder in July, Dave came up with the idea of planting a tree in memory of their friend Bei and set about collecting donations from Marshall Avenue residents. 
He added: “The money raised was £360, with which we also purchased a wreath to lay in Mansfield where Bei was cremated. We had £140 left over which we gave to Terry who split it between the girls to share.”

Dave added that Mrs Carter’s children were doing exceptionally well, and have remained very brave throughout the ordeal.

John Heald, the man accused of murdering Bei Carter in her guest house at Marshall Avenue on 18 July 2014, pleaded not guilty at Hull Crown Court on 7 November with a trial date set for January 27.