VIDEO: Hooligan violence in Bridlington

Football hooligans are alleged to have unleashed an “organised” attack on Scarborough fans while they were sat in a Bridlington pub.

Families and other bystanders struggled to escape an indiscriminate barrage of “chairs and glasses” allegedly thrown by “Darlington fans” at Scarborough supporters.

Hooligan violence in Bridlington pub

Hooligan violence in Bridlington pub

The pub’s manager said the “Scarborough lads” were enjoying a pint before Monday’s match, and had never been a problem before.

“One man who had nothing to do with it was hit in the head,” according to manager Sonja Olsen-Kjolnes.

“The Scarborough fans were sat in the pub and then a gang of Darlo’ fans came through the door and started attacking them. They weren’t even doing anything.

“There were families with babies and young children. There were a lot of glasses being thrown.”

One staff member pleads for calm from both sides

One staff member pleads for calm from both sides

In the video obtained by the Bridlington Free Press, around 40 Darlington supporters enter the family pub, one after another, before attacking Scarborough fans who retaliate.

One of the Scarborough supporters can also be seen throwing a pint glass.

A cautious father can be seen escaping the carnage with his infant child clutched in his arms.

“We have never ever had problems with the Scarborough lads before.” Sonja added. “I have been here 15 years and that was the first time I have ever seen anything on that scale. We have had scuffles in the bar before, but nothing like that.”

Sonja said she believes Darlington supporters followed the Scarborough fans before calling for reinforcements to join in the attack at the Harbour Tavern.

“They were older men as well, so they should’ve known better,” she added. “They have brought shame on their club.”

Staff were quick to call the police who arrived at the scene in minutes.

But the fracas did not end in the pub and disorder spilled out on to near the grounds at Bridlington Football Club.

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “Travelling Darlington fans were alleged to have been involved in a disturbance inside the Harbour Tavern on Queen Street in Bridlington before the Scarborough v Darlington match on Bank Holiday Monday 6 April 2015. One man received minor injuries in the disturbance and was treated by ambulance staff at the scene. Further minor incidents both inside and outside the ground were dealt with by police, resulting in a number of Section 35 dispersal orders being issued. Two men were arrested. A 46 year-old Mansfield man was arrested for breaching a Section 35 dispersal order, a caution was issued for this offence.

“A 57 year-old Darlington man was arrested for a suspected public order offence, he was issued with a penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly.”

A spokesperson for Darlington Football Club’s Official Supporters’ Club added: “We did not know of any trouble involving our fans during our time in Bridlington. I know there was no trouble involving the fans that came on the official supporters’ travel. Obviously we do not condone any violence or bad behaviour from our fans. If any Darlington fans were involved then it will be down to the football club to potentially ban them from future games.”