VIDEO: Bridlington police video crime as it happens

Police officers are now equipped with body cameras to video crimes as they happen while out on the streets of Bridlington.

Officers from the Public Order Unit and Neighbourhood Police Team have been trained in the use of the cameras used them for the first time on duty last weekend.

Bridlington Police Station.'PCSO Becky Brown pictured with the new body cameras.'NBFP PA1351-10a

Bridlington Police Station.'PCSO Becky Brown pictured with the new body cameras.'NBFP PA1351-10a

Sergeant Carl Sweeting, the beat manager for Bridlington’s Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “These body cameras should prove to be a real asset.

“We will be able to immediately gather video evidence of offences being committed and this evidence can be used to prosecute offenders.”

The run-up to Christmas usually proves to be one of the busiest times for police as festive parties are in full swing and people are out celebrating.

The new body cameras will allow police to collect evidence on the scene and it is also hoped they will work as a deterrent for crime.

The use of body cameras is not new to Humberside 
Police and have been used widely across the East Riding previously.

East Riding’s Neighbourhood Police Chief Inspector Steve Burns said: “It is hoped that by using these cameras in the Bridlington area during this busy time of year we will help to not only gather video evidence to support cases of crimes but also that is will serve to prevent crime.

“If people know that they are being filmed they often moderate their behaviour and calm down.

“These cameras have been used very successfully in many instances but one in which it is particularly helpful is that of domestic violence cases.

“Officers that attend a domestic violence incidents will obtain video evidence of the situation they encounter and also that of any injuries that have been inflicted.

“Sometimes victims will not pursue a case against their attacker, but the video evidence from the body cameras can be used to help support vulnerable victims.”

Sergeant Sweeting said: “We are hoping for a peaceful weekend and are not expecting to encounter anything other than the normal level of public order issues.

“The body cameras are another tool for officers to use in their efforts to help prevent crime and protect members of the public.”