Unpaid work for alcoholic thief

AN ALCOHOLIC who stole clothes and jewellery from a man who invited them to his flat after a party has been ordered to complete 100 hours of community service.

Former Cardigan Road resident Craig Allman, who gave his address in court as Washington Street, Driffield, had pleaded guilty to theft and sending offensive text messages alongside co-accused, Karl Gerrard of Sewerby Road, before magistrates last month.

Allman, 23, also pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage relating to a separate incident at the earlier hearing.

Bridlington Magistrates Court heard that Allman, 23, and Gerrard, 22, had been drinking heavily on May 23 at a flat party on Cardigan Road before they were invited back to the flat of their neighbour Caleb Wrigglesworth.

Prosecutor Heather Levitt said that the pair invited 40-year-old Mr Wrigglesworth back to their flat, and then asked if they could have a look around his flat.

Once inside they went into Mr Wrigglesworth’s bedroom and stole 14 items of his clothing and a piece of jewellery, worth a combined total of £525 - £415 worth has been recovered.

Speaking in Allman’s defence, Mike Farr said that it had been an incident fuelled by alcohol.

“He moved to Bridlington around seven months ago from West Yorkshire to escape a heroin problem, which he has now overcome,” said Mr Farr.

“He has committed crimes since being here because he has used a large amount of alcohol which seems to have replaced the drugs.”

Mr Farr said that Allman, along with the co-accused, had started to put on the clothes as a “drunken prank” that went wrong.

Prosecutor Ms Levitt said that after realising the items has gone missing, a worried Mr Wrigglesworth admitted to family members what had happened, which prompted his nephew to visit the pair and demand that the clothes be returned.

This led to both Allman and Gerrard sending a series of abusive and threatening text messages to Mr Wrigglesworth - one reading “Who the **** do you think you are sending people round to mine, the boys are on their way round”.

Ms Levitt said: “It is right to say that the complainant has been so disturbed by the text threats sent to him that he has moved out of the flat having lived there for 14-years.”

Mr Allman also faced sentencing for breaking a window at the Boathouse Cafe on Hilderthorpe Road on August 18, which was estimated to have caused approximately £850 of damage and cost owner George Winning around £400 in lost takings.

Defending, Mike Farr, said that Allman had not acted maliciously when breaking the window, but on the day in question had turned to drink because he was “feeling depressed” after being evicted - which meant his young son visiting from West Yorkshire had to return home instead of staying for the weekend.

Magistrates had asked for an all-options report before sentencing the pair, and presiding magistrate David Smith said to Allman: “This is another rather stupid episode you have got yourself into, which has ended with a poor chap so distressed that he has had to move house.

“You are lucky that the probation report leads us to deal with you by way of a community penalty.”

Magistrates handed Allman a 12 month community order with supervision, an alcohol awareness requirement, and 100 hours of unpaid work, and told him to pay £55 in compensation to Mr Wrigglesworth and £500 to Mr Winning - paid at £10 a fortnight due to his financial circumstances.