Underage drinking warning after 15-year-old Bridlington girl collapses

Sgt Carl Sweeting of Bridlington police has warned of the dangers of underage drinking. (PA1233-8)
Sgt Carl Sweeting of Bridlington police has warned of the dangers of underage drinking. (PA1233-8)

TEENAGERS have been warned of the dangers of under-age drinking after the emergency services had to help a 15-year-old girl who collapsed on the street after a party.

And the warning has come just as the multi-agency ‘Think B4U Drink’ campaign has been launched in the region to encourage the responsible drinking of alcohol.

Police officers and paramedics were called to the Bridlington South area at around 10.30pm on Friday after a 15-year-old girl collapsed in the street after attending a private party.

PCSO Andrea Humphrey, who has a teenage daughter, has spoken of her shock at seeing the girl so intoxicated, unable to speak or stand up, and has warned of the dangers of getting into such a state.

“It’s the danger they are putting themselves into, not just the health risks, especially as it was in a public place.”

“They are putting themselves in a vulnerable position where they could be robbed, also there’s the risk of sexual exploitation,” PCSO Humphrey said.

“There was a boy and another girl with her, however they were in such a state they were quite happy to leave her with us. They weren’t coherent enough to tell us the girl’s name but they did know how much they had drunk,” she added.

PCSO Humphrey also said incidents put an added strain on the emergency services, diverting resources away from other types of medical emergency.

“There’s almost an abuse of the 999 system because we had to send the girl off in an ambulance but if she had been in a state where she was more coherent we could have taken her home,” she said.

Now the police have urged youngsters to think before they drink, while parents have been advised to keep an eye on what their children are getting up to.

“If you are going to drink, drink safely, drink measured glasses, do you know how many units are in a glass?”

“Parents, do you know where your children are? do you know where they are going? do you know if they are drinking? Speak to your child about how much is a safe limit,” PCSO Humphrey said.

Humberside Police have joined forces with a range of agencies in the East Riding including the NHS, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and Safer Roads Humber to launch the Think B4U Drink campaign.

The aim of the high profile campaign is to reduce the effects of alcohol on individuals and the community by highlighting the risks of drinking too much, giving out advise on how to keep drinking under control, and how to get home safely after a night out.

The campaign website, which will include a section on under-age drinking, is due to be launched within the next fortnight.