‘The next victim might not be so lucky’

Lewis Toulson was attacked by a group of youths
Lewis Toulson was attacked by a group of youths

As soon as she got a brief text message from her teenage son, Lisa Toulson knew something was wrong.

He had contacted her because he and and his girlfriend were under attack from a group of up to 30 youths.

Lewis Toulson with mum Lisa

Lewis Toulson with mum Lisa

After being assaulted several times in and around Limekiln Lane and Sewerby Road on Friday night, 16-year-old Lewis suffered a large cut to his head which needed hospital treatment.

Lisa said: “I was at home when I got a text saying ‘mum, ring me’. I rang straight away and he said he had been jumped and he needed me to come and get him.

“At one point, I was on the phone to his girlfriend and I could hear her scream.

“He had to have his head glued and his face is still quite swollen. He seems OK in himself but I have been told the shock can take weeks. He has never been in trouble in his life, never been in a fight.

Lewis Toulson and mum Lisa

Lewis Toulson and mum Lisa

“He doesn’t hang around in gangs. He is always at home, football, work or with his girlfriend.”

Police are appealing for information and have asked anyone who witnessed the attack to contact them.

Lisa added: “What is going to happen if they get away with this? The next victim might not be so lucky.

“I was told they were seen with bats earlier on in the night.”

Lewis' injuries on Friday night

Lewis' injuries on Friday night

She is desperate to bring the culprits to justice.

Lisa got a call from her son Lewis to say he was being attacked at around 8.30pm on Friday evening, and jumped in a friend’s car to find him.

She said: “If I hadn’t met them when I did, anything could have happened.

“It could have been 10 times worse. If they can attack my son, who else will they attack?

Lewis' injuries on Friday night

Lewis' injuries on Friday night

“I took him to the police station on Friday night before I took him to hospital. Officers came on Sunday to take photos but we have not heard anything since and we’ve not been given a crime number.”

Lisa has tried to find out if there is any CCTV footage from the area and has appealed to homeowners who have private cameras to contact police.

“He had been to the Hen House for some food and walked down Eighth Avenue,” she said. “He got to by the Marine Bar and noticed they had been followed.

“A couple of lads came and asked if he wanted a fight but then lots more came and started following him.”

Lewis headed back along the Avenues and on to Limkelin Lane, where he was attacked for the first time, before being set up again twice on Sewerby Road.

A police spokesman said: “A 16-year-old boy who was with his girlfriend was allegedly assaulted by a group of young people after an altercation between the victim and a member of the group.

Lewis' injuries on Friday night

Lewis' injuries on Friday night

“The boy sustained a large cut to his head and small cuts and bruises to his face. Any witnesses to the incident should call 101, quoting crime reference number 2260925.”

Lisa said she was aware of reports of two gangs who are causing trouble around Bridlington, but police have played down the link to Friday’s attack and gang culture.

“There is supposed to be one gang called Brid Town Youths and another called Brid Town Mafia,” she said. “I have been getting lots of messages that they are putting rocks and boulders on roads, jumping on trailers parked on people’s drives and being an absolute nuisance.

“I think Bridlington is getting worse. I would feel intimidated walking past these yobs and I’m not easily scared by yobs.

But Insp Rob Cocker said: “The Bridlington Policing Team take a zero tolerance approach to violence, anti-social behaviour and consumption of alcohol in public places by groups of young people and additional staff are deployed in the town at key times to tackle any issues, including school holiday periods.

“We are seizing alcohol from young people under the Confiscation of Alcohol Act 1997 and are taking action against any people behaving in an anti-social manner in partnership with the council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

“We would urge any member of the local community witnesses any anti-social behaviour to inform the police by calling 101.”