Teen lost his teeth in row

A TEENAGER had both his front teeth knocked out after being head-butted in an argument with a 19-year-old.

Magistrates heard the attack was because Daniel Lee Goodman, of North Street, Bridlington, believed the youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had “grassed us up” to the police.

Jayne Wilson, prosecuting at last Wednesday’s Bridlington Magistrates’ Court hearing, said the youth had been with five others sitting in the shelter in Ebor Gardens on South Cliff Road around 10pm on December 10 when he realised his mobile phone was missing from his pocket and believed it had been stolen.

At around 11.15pm, he had wanted to go home and walked across the road, leaving the group behind.

“While he was alone a police patrol stopped and spoke to him as they were concerned about him being there alone at that late time, then moved on,” said Mrs Wilson.

She described how the youth then returned to the group where Goodman had accused him of grassing them up to the police about the alleged theft of his mobile phone.

“The youth told him he had only told police he was waiting for his friends. Goodman then head-butted him in the face, knocking out his two front teeth,” said Mrs Wilson.

The victim then ran away from the group and came across the police officer who had spoken to him earlier. They returned to the scene and he identified Goodman as his attacker.

Goodman, who was said to have no previous convictions and to have been of previous good character, at first denied any involvement, but after further identification evidence he was charged with the offence.

In court, Goodman pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm and to a separate charge of the theft of a mobile phone.

Mitigating, Victoria Lancaster said other things had happened that evening and Goodman regretted his actions, saying he had reacted strongly to the situation. He had also been drinking and he knew that could make him volatile.

Magistrate Robin Sunley said because it was a serious offence, in particular the difference in ages between Goodman and his victim, he wanted the probation service to prepare a report before sentencing.

The case was adjourned to April 6. Goodman was granted bail on condition he did not communicate with the complainant or witnesses.