Teen is forced to pay £500 for vicious attack

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A TEENAGER has been ordered to pay her victim £500 in compensation and complete 120 hours of unpaid work after a “vicious attack” during a night out in Bridlington.

Siannah Noelle Boumediene, 18, of Vernon Road, pleaded guilty at Bridlington Magistrates Court to assaulting a 32-year-old woman on August 14 this year.

Prosecuting, Heather Levitt told the court that in the early hours of August 14, the victim and a friend were sat on a bench on Esplanade after a night out.

Boumediene approached the pair and asked for a cigarette, to which the pair refused.

Moments later, Boumediene returned and asked again for a cigarette - and was again refused. Boumediene then grabbed her victim by the throat and the side of the head and “tried to ram her head into the seat”.

“The victim was left with scratches and bruises on her throat and head, leaving them very sore, and with soreness to her scalp and hair which she said ‘felt like someone had tried to pull her hair out’,” said Ms Levitt.

“She was very scared and upset, and found it difficult to talk afterwards because of the injuries to her throat.”

Ms Levitt said that a witness saw Boumediene grab the 32-year-old and “not just trying to attack her, but trying to strangle her”.

A taxi driver also saw the victim “minding her own business” before she was attacked by Boumediene, who was dragged off by her friends.

Ms Levitt handed magistrates a victim statement, and continued: “The victim has been so deeply affected by the attack that she has asked the court to consider a restraining order.”

Mitigating, Amelia Woollen told magistrates that Boumediene, 18, had only a warning on her record from 2009, was making her first court appearance, and was “of previous good character”.

“She has stated that on the night she had been to a singing competition with friends, had a good night, but unfortunately had drank to excess,” said Ms Woollen.

“She offers her deep felt apologies, not only to the court, but to the victim. She says that the victim’s friend was verbally abusive to her but she does not wish to use this as an excuse for her actions - the alcohol made her act completely out of character.”

Ms Woollen told the court that Boumediene had recently completed a college course, and held an ambition to become a primary school teacher, but understood that an assault conviction would be likely to jeopardise such plans.

“I would say that she has learned a valuable and very stark lesson, she is scared by these proceedings and is mortified by her actions.”

Magistrates stood down the case to allow the probation service to conduct an interview with Boumediene before sentencing.

Lesley Stevenson, of the probation service, told magistrates that Boumediene showed obvious remorse for the attack - and would benefit from further work looking into the effects of hazardous alcohol consumption.

Presiding magistrate, David Smith, said: “This was a serious, vicious and unprovoked attack on a lady sitting and minding her own business.

“We are going to deal with this by way of community penalty. If it was not for your previous good character it could have been a custodial sentence.”

Boumediene was sentenced to 120 hours of unpaid work, and ordered to pay £500 compensation to her victim and £85 court costs.

A restraining order against Boumediene was also imposed by magistrates, which forbids contact of any kind, directly or through a third party, with the victim.