Taxis forced off the road after vandal strikes

Passengers have already said it is a struggle to get a taxi in Bridlington at night
Passengers have already said it is a struggle to get a taxi in Bridlington at night

Getting a taxi could be even harder than usual in Bridlington over this Bank Holiday weekend.

The town’s largest taxi company has seen four of its cars damaged in recent days, and other companies have also been affected.

Operators believe taxis are being targeted by the culprit, who smashes the driver’s window and tries to steal cash from inside.

Stephen Pattison, owner of Arrow Cars said: “In the early hours of last Wednesday, my own vehicle was damaged outside our office.

“The following day we were told another had its window smashed and then there were more at the weekend – including one when a driver was having a coffee in the office.

“Talking between ourselves, it seems to be the same person because they have done it the same way each time.

“Money has been taken at least three times and drivers are realising not to leave anything in their cars.”

Although the amounts stolen were only a few pounds, the cost of repairing each car is around £200 and in some cases work could take a week. Some of the ones off the road have been told they can’t be repaired until the 29th – after the Bank Holiday. “It’s hard enough to get taxi drivers at the minute, but of our four damaged, three are night-time taxis, which we are already short of.

“We are getting busier and busier and have fewer and fewer taxis available.

“We have 25 vehicles altogether but the most we have on at night is seven or eight and three or four in the early hours.”

Paul Brown’s car was damaged on his driveway while he was sleeping on Friday.

His family heard the alarm going off and although less than £5 was stolen, he is now investing in CCTV systems to stop falling victim again.

“I can’t work again until a glass specialist gets the work done,” said Paul, who lives in the Queensgate area.

“This is really rubbing our noses in it.”