Suspended sentence for repeat drug dealer

Driffield drug dealer David Heeds appears at Hull Crown Court
Driffield drug dealer David Heeds appears at Hull Crown Court

A repeat drug dealer has walked free from court by convincing police his life was under threat from the travelling community after he was caught with £5,300 worth of heroin and cocaine.

David Heeds, 29, was on a courier mission from Doncaster only to be stopped returning to Bridlington on the A614 at Holme-upon-Spalding-Moor with 81 grams of heroin and cocaine.

He had enough for 130 deals of cocaine and 750 street deals of heroin. Sweating and nervous, he dropped the package at the wheel of a police car after getting out of the white Fiat passenger seat. Two others people were in the car.

David Heeds of Marshfield Avenue, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of 55 grams of heroin and one charge of possession of 26 grams of cocaine, both with intent to supply and appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence (on Tuesday 31 March).

Heeds was convicted of possession of £2,700 worth of cannabis with intent to supply in 2007. Heeds was caught breaking down the cannabis with a grinder into street deals at a flat he shared with a girlfriend in Hilderthorpe Road, Bridlington. He has 24 previous convictions including three of possession of heroin.

In the latest hearing, Crown barrister Julia Baggs said Heeds had submitted a basis of plea accepted by the police that he had been recruited by travellers who he had bought heroin from in the past.

Defence barrister David Horne said Heeds had a difficult childhood, which lead to health issues and he suffered from depression.

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, gave Heeds a two year prison sentence suspended for 24 months and order he should be subjected to a curfew from 7pm to 7am.

Heeds was allowed to walk free but Judge Richardson, QC, warned him: “You have been very fortunate. Please don’t make any mistakes as you will start with two years in prison.”