Step-father and son accused of bank raid

TSB Bank Bridlington. -- NBFP PA1439-5
TSB Bank Bridlington. -- NBFP PA1439-5

A step-father and son accused of conspiring to rob the Trustees Savings Bank in Bridlington have appeared at Hull Crown Court.

Jordan Lydon, 23, and his step-father Michael Lydon, 40, are accused of conspiring together with others to rob the TSB in Manor Street, between April 1 2014 and September 22 2014.

The scene after the incident

The scene after the incident

They appeared shoulder-to-shoulder in the glass-fronted dock of court four at Hull Crown Court (Monday June 1). Jordon Lydon wore a celeste blue polo top and sported a black beard. His step-father wore a grey-sweat shirt and grey jogging bottoms. Both were due to be asked to enter pleas at this stage, following an earlier court appearance in March.

The pair are also accused of conspiracy to rob the Royal Bank of Scotland at Main Street, Hathersage, in Derbyshire, between November 11 2013 and 21 February 2014. They are also charged with conspiracy to rob the Royal Bank of Scotland at Darley Dale, in Derbyshire, between April 1 2014 and August 30 2014.

Jordan Lydon, of Clee Road, Cleethorpes, and Michael Lydon of Donnington Street, Grimsby, left the talking to their barristers after confirming their names.

Crown barrister Mr Iain West arrived late for the hearing apologising to the judge. Mr West said: “It is apparent there is further evidence, particularly source exhibits to serve on the defence before the case is trial ready. There will be a refining of evidence.

“My friends wish to see the material I am referring to, and so would I. This will take four weeks to serve. Then my friends want time before a plea and case management hearing. I have some concerns if all evidence matters were to be tried, the two weeks set aside for a trial will be too short a period. Custody time limits expire in September.”

Defence barrister Tom Storey said the Crown had not served a large proportion of the evidence alleged to link his client to the conspiracy at the three banks.

He said as a result he was not able to advise his client for a plea and case management hearing. He said it also meant he was unable to advise the court on the length of a possible trial which would affect the venue.

Defence barrister John Thackray for Jordon Lydon said: “I make no concessions, as regards the custody time limits expiring are concerned.” There were no applications for bail.

Judge Mark Bury said at present they would try to keep the trial in Hull on July 27 but the prosecution must serve its case as soon as possible.

He told the Lydons: “Stand up gentlemen. I am sorry we cannot make further progress today. You have heard the reasons why.

“Hopefully we will be able to make progress on June 12. In the meant-time you will be remanded in custody.”