Spate of car damage was ‘needless and reckless’

Bridlington police are investigating the damage.
Bridlington police are investigating the damage.

Police in Bridlington want the public to come forward and provide information as they hunt those responsible for a spate of damage to vehicles parked on the West Hill estate.

Offenders have been jumping on top of vehicles and running across them, denting bonnets and rooftops before jumping down and kicking off wing mirrors.

Local PCSO Liam Whittington says that as the “needless and reckless” damage caused to vehicles across the estate is very similar, police suspect that it is being committed by the same people.

Now, the Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing Team are increasing visible patrols in the area in a bid to deter further crimes and catch those responsible.

PCSO Whittington said: “This kind of needless and reckless damage really infuriates members of the public and the victims alike. A simple wing mirror damage can cost a person £200 to have repaired which is an unnecessary and costly expense. It is also a hard crime to explain to victims why it happens, predominately it involves stupidity and alcohol misuse.

“Due to the high number of reported damages the Neighbourhood Policing team are increasing foot patrols in the area in an attempt to deter any further incidents and reassure local residents that the Police are taking actions to resolve the issues”.

Police would like to hear from local residents who may have seen or heard incidents taking place, or who have been the victim of damage that has not yet been reported.

If you can help, contact Bridlington Police on the non emergency number 101.