Slashed with kitchen knife

A CONVICTED thief has been jailed for 10-months after he slashed his best friend’s face with a 10-inch long kitchen knife in a Bridlington flat.

John Hall, 39, turned a normal gathering of friends in to a violent confrontation telling Andrew Tanner: “If I am going to kill someone, it may as well be you,” Hull Crown Court heard on Friday July 8.

Hall of Springfield Avenue, Bridlington, had gone with his brother to his friend’s flat in Bridlington and confessed to drinking four litres of cider.

Mr Tanner said his friend of 10 years suddenly became violent after having a drink.

“Mr Tanner realised John Hall had a kitchen knife in his hand and said: “If I am going to kill someone it may as well be you,” said Crown barrister Wendy Foster.

“John Hall approached Mr Tanner then slashed him from the ear to the chin leaving a 4inch cut.

“He then turned the knife on himself, putting it to his throat and forehead.

The police were called.

While they were waiting, Hall began saying he was going to leave the flat and find a passerby.

When police arrived they found Hall still armed with the knife.

Mr Tanner did not need hospital treatment but Hall did for his own self harm injuries.

When quizzed by police, Hall said he did not know why he attacked his friend, but could remember thinking he wanted to see blood.

He said when he realised what he had done he turned the knife on himself.

The court heard he had 10 previous convictions, two for theft and the use of the knife had violated an earlier court conditional discharge.

Hall had pleaded guilty to a charge of causing actual bodily harm to Mr Tanner at magistrates’ court on March 7 and was committed to the crown court for sentence.

Defending barrister Mark McKone said Hall’s violence was out of character.

He said he suffered from depression and alcoholism and 123 days in jail awaiting sentence had dried him out.

He said Hall wanted to stay in prison where he had been for four months to reduce his alcohol dependence.

He said he had no address to go to in Bridlington when he is released.

Recorder Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, ordered Hall to stand as he told him: “You now realise what happens, or could happen, when you drink.

“You picked up a knife and hurt your best friend for 10 years.

“It could have been worse.

“Fortunately his injuries were not that serious. This could have been much more serious than it was. It was serious enough.”

He ordered Hall should be jailed for 10 months and released on licence at the halfway mark.